Henty Field Days

Windmill Engineering Bathurst

Cook's Gap

Z C Southern Cross 10ft x 30ft, 1951. At Cook's Gap, NSW. This mill was rebuilt in our workshop a new wheel was made and fitted and is now ready for another 40 years pumping.

Pumping surface water into a tank nearby watering several paddocks by reticulating into water troughs.

New head on existing tower

New 10ft Yellowtail windmill fitted to an existing Comet tower pumping from a spring to an elevated storage tank watering many acres. Owners say that they have never had such a reliable water supply,the tank is always full.

New Yellowtail head on custom-made tower

A new 10ft Yellowtail windmill on a 4 post easy climb safety tower manufactured by Windmill Engineering.Co.Hot dipped galvanised,a ladder that you can get your feet into that carries all the way up through the mesh steel platform,makes climbing easier a safer. This mill is pumping from 30M down a bore and delivering water to a holding tank 500M away.

Pumping approx 15,000 ltrs per day. Down the bore is Pro-Pol rod and column which is a rust free system prolonging the life of all down the bore components. Pro-pol rod and column is the best thing to happen to windmills in 100 years giving rusting steel pipes the flick.

A 1948 14ft Comet C pat. Windmill

Completely rebuilt by Windmill Engineering.Co.using Non Genuine parts manufactured in our workshop from steel,strong and durable. This mill has a Major Repair Kit fitted (mainshaft and bearings,conrod crosshead and swivel),a new wind wheel including wheelarms rims brackets and sails.

All these quality parts are available from Windmill Engineering Co. Available for most models at very competitive prices.

12ft Yellowtail

12ft Yellowtail mill on 4 post easy climb safety tower 6m high pumping from spring to elevated storage tank 45m total head with 3" stainless steel syphon pump.

10ft IZC Southern Cross

10ft IZC Southern Cross windmill on a 9m easy climb safety tower pumping surface water to supply home and garden needs with a 3" stainless steel pump.

10ft Yellowtail

10ft Yellowtail on 4 post easy climb safety tower.Note how the ladder protrudes out form the tower and carries through the platform for easy access.

10ft Yellowtail

10ft yellowtail on 9m easy climb safety tower using a 4" stainless steel syphon pump. Delivering 28000 litters per day watering stock.

12ft Yellowtail

12ft Yellowtail head wheel and tail fitted to an existing R E Southern Cross tower that was erected in 1936. Retro fit grid mesh platform fitted.

10ft Yellowtail

10ft Yellowtail with easy climb safety tower and 4" stainless steel syphon pump.

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