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The Pol-Col Rod & Column System is the best thing to happen to windmills in 100 years. It is a plastic-based Column and Rod system. It maximises the life of the pump components, and eliminates corrosion. Installing the Pol-Col Rod & Column System will prolong the life of your pump and ensure you have a trouble-free windmill pumping system for years to come.

Even though it's at the cutting-edge of windmill technology, the Pol-Col Rod & Column System is competitively priced, and considering that you won't have to pull up and replace your corroded galvanised bore pipes and rods, it will save you time and money in the long run!

The Pol-Col Rod & Column System has been successfully field tested for ten years, and with its sturdy and non-corrosive components it won't let you down.

Pol-Col Rod & Column comes in 2 sizes. 2" suitable to depths of 50m. 3" suitable to depths of 110. All applications are served with with one size steel pump rod pol-col coated with stainless steel ends all in 3m lengths. Give Rusting Steel Pipes the flick.

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